Special Counseling

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Special Counseling

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Special Counseling
By D.T and Mr Stepford

Chapter 1

Jak shuffled down the hall, one hand stuffed in her pocket the other held to her mouth as she nibbled on the remnants of her thumbnail. After the fight in the mess hall she'd fully expected to be tossed into solitary. That's what Old Rusty Panties would've done. But that bitch was gone and the new warden had his own rules. In his office he'd said, well, he'd said a lot of things, something about potential. She hadn't really been paying attention until he handed her the slip with a room number on it. Well, this was it, for a moment she got a look at her reflection in the varnish on the door. Standard jeans, white T-shirt, and gray hoodie, but the shirt was untucked, the jeans hanging off her hips and the hoodie shrouded the few curves she did have. They'd confiscated her jewelry but the holes in her ears, nose and lower lip were still obvious. A line of dark brown showed beneath the purple, green and gold in her spiked hair. Her clothes covered her tats. So begins Day One of "Special Counseling" she thought. Well, it couldn't be worse than scrubbing toilets. She lifted her hand and knocked.

"Come in" the warden said behind the door. Jak open the door and was shock at what she saw. The room was decorated like it belong in a palace not a prison. The fancy decor of the room made Jak instantly uncomfortable. "Please Jacqueline take a seat" The warden said Jak recoil in horror over sound of her real name "It's Jak!!" she screams out. " Of course My apologize" The warden said with a slight smile "Now please take your seat" Jak stood for a moment in protest just so the warden knows who he dealing with. Jacqueline no one been brave enough to call me that in years Jak thinks to here herself. But she wasn't to surprise that the warden would be so formal. Judging from his well tailor pinstripe three piece suit he came from a world far different from the one Jak lived in. Jak set down and a strange thought pop into her head "This the most comfortable chair I have ever set in...... so comfortable". The thought goes away as fast as it came. " Now Jacu....I mean Jak, you have been quite the troublemaker since you came here" The Warden said "I do want I need Too" Jak reply "Well your behavior is quite unbecoming of a Proper Young Lady" the Warden said Jak begins to laugh "Well Warden that's because there ain't a proper bone in this here ladies body" Jak said "OK but Jacu...Jak that what this Special Counseling is going to fix...you see I am going to turn you into the Proper Lady I know you can be" the warden said " Now what do you think of that ?"

Was this guy for real? Jak glanced around the room looking for hidden cameras. Looking back at the warden she felt a slight flutter in her stomach. She'd learned how to read people early, sometimes it saved her from a beating, and this guy honestly thought she was lady material. And wasn't that the biggest joke in the world. So Jak did the only thing she could think of. She laughed.

“What’s so funny” Ask the Warden “Me….a Proper Lady please….you serious?” replied Jak “Oh I am quite serious” the warden replied “You have a lot of potential and it would be a shame to squander it. I mean don’t get me wrong I think you have done the best you could with your upbringing but…..” Jak interrupts “ what’s wrong with my upbringing!” “Well it did get you here” replied the Warden. Jak knew he had a point but that has never stop her from making a definite comeback before, but something stop her this time and she couldn’t figure out what it was. The Warden couldn’t help but give a slight grin at his new pupils lost for words. “Alright lets begin” The Warden said as he hands Jak a book “ An Elegant Guide to Being a Lady…oh brother” Jak thinks to herself.

Now I would like you to read out loud the first paragraph of page 5” said the warden Jak role her eye as she think to herself “this is better then scrubbing toilets” Jak read out loud “As a lady My world is generally a more pleasant place. Everyone speak kindly and gently to me as I would to them. I feel like royalty whenever I go. The more I act like a lady, the happier I will be” no human has read anything with less interest and enthusiasm then Jak read this paragraph. “Read it again” The Warden said. Confused but with no longing to stick her hand in a toilet Jak read it again “again” said The Warden. After the fourth time the toilet begin to look like a better option and Jak spoke up “How long do I have to do this?” “You will read this until a small part of you believes this” the Warden replies. Jak felt a sense of dread as she realize she will be doing this for the rest of her incarceration.

Twenty minute went by and the reading were getting worst not better...but the Warden kept insisting “again” Frustrated Jak slouch even farther in her chair....that comfortable chair....all of a sudden that comfort she felt earlier engulfed her and in one motion she straighten up her posture and began to read again “As a LADY My world is generally a more PLEASANT place. Everyone speak kindly and gently to me as I would to them. I feel like ROYALTY whenever I go. The more I act like a LADY, the HAPPIER I WILL BE” she spoke with in a new sense of refinement as if each word had an era of elegance. “Very good Jacqueline” The Warden said “Thank You, Sir” replied Jak but as soon as those word left her mouth that since of comfort went away “why did I just say that” Jak thought to herself “What just Happened...did he call me Jacqueline” “it Jak!” scream Jak. “I so sorry it just that Jacqueline is such a lovely name” Replied the Warden. Once again Jak was at a lost for words “Well I think we have done enough for today, you have made splendid progress.” said The Warden “I will see you tomorrow” Jak said nothing she just got up and left, as she walk back to her cell she try to process what just happen “Why did I act like that” she thought to herself “I must of got punch in the head during the fight” as she enter her cell she kept hearing what the Warden said “ Jacqueline is such a lovely name” but what bother her was that it wasn't his voice she heard saying it, it was her own.

Chapter 2

It took longer than usual for Jak to fall asleep that night. The warden's remark about her upbringing had stuck in her head. As if 10 different foster homes and 4 group homes could be considered an upbringing. Every time she'd had to change schools she'd been further and further behind until she quit trying to catch up. One of her case workers had told her she'd been born the same day JFK's wife had died, which is probably why she'd been named Jacqueline by some hospital worker. She'd been shown a picture of some fancy pants lady wearing a pink dress and a pearl necklace. Did the warden honestly think she could be like that? That night Jak dreamed about being at some frou-frou garden party wearing that dress and necklace. People kept coming up and gushing over her as if she was some princess. Jak woke at the sound of the cell door opening. She went through the routine of showering and dressing before going to the mess hall with the others. Everyone gave her a wide berth which was how Jak liked it. Enemies she could deal with, it was the ones who tried to be your friends you had to watch out for. As she shoveled down her food at one point she looked up and saw the Warden looking at her through the window to the guard station. She considered flipping him off but decided against it. She didn't want more time tacked on to her sentence. Later that morning she slouched in her seat at the back of the classroom while the teacher droned on about the periodic table. She happened to glance up at the door and saw the warden looking at her, again. Was this guy some kind of perv? Supposedly the state did psych evals to stop that from happening but Jak knew firsthand how easy it was to snow the state-employed psychologists. Hmm. Maybe that was the key to this whole "Special Counseling" deal. Yeah, she'd play along with his little game, let him think he was reforming her. That evening after dinner she went to the room like before and knocked. The warden opened the door and said, "Hello, Jacqueline, I mean, Jak, please have a seat." While not as shocking as the day before Jak still felt incredibly uncomfortable in this room. Play along, she told herself as she sat in the chair, arms on the rests. Damn, but this fabric was soft, she thought tracing her fingers over it.

"The more I act like a LADY, the HAPPIER I WILL BE" Those word race though her mind has she touched the fabric. The suddenness of this thought jolted Jak out of her soft fabric bliss "Pull yourself together" Jak thought to herself. "Alright today we are going to do some relaxation technique...this will help curb some of your more aggressive tendencies" The Warden said "I'll show you aggressive te...play along" Jak thinks to herself "sure whatever" she respond. "okay now sit up there will be no slouching" the warden said Jak did as she was told. "I want you to close your eyes and take small breath" the warden continue Jak closed her eyes and began to breath "that it take small breath...small feminine breath" The Warden said with a calming voice "Just Imagine yourself right now in a state of PERFECT FEMININITY, POISE and ELEGANT with NOT a CARE in the world or a THOUGHT in your head. Resting peacefully in LADYLIKE BLISS." The cadence of his voice was almost trance like and with each breath Jac felt that comfort consume her body and just when that comfort hit it apex Jacqueline found herself back at that garden party wearing her pink dress and her favorite pearl necklace. But this didn't feel like a dream it felt

so real.....so comfortable.....the fabric of her dresses felt like the chair....so soft...so feminine..... Jacqueline felt a peace she have could never imagine (As a LADY My world is generally a more PLEASANT place) and the people at the party treat her with such respect(Everyone speak kindly and gently to me as I would to them) "This must be how Royalty feel" Jacqueline thinks to herself as she plays with her pearls. Jacqueline falls into a state of Bliss (The more I act like a LADY, the HAPPIER I WILL BE) only to be snap out of it by the sound of the wardens voice "Wake UP" Jak open here eyes and feeling like her old self, although a small part of her felt disappointed to back in reality. "Well you did very well indeed" said the Warden " and such progress should not go unrewarded" the warden walk over and handed her a box. Jak felt awkward no one had ever given her anything before "Well go on open it" the warden insisted . Jak open the box and was stunned at what see saw ....A Pearl Necklace

Jak reached into the box and lifted the necklace between her fingers. Holy hell, she realized, these are the real deal. One of her former cellmates had taught her how to spot fakes. "Why don't you try them on?" the warden suggested. "Here, allow me." He took the necklace and fastened it around her throat without any difficulty. As he did so a sense of rightness hit Jak, as though him putting it on her was the most natural thing in the world. She lifted her hand to stroke the beads for a minute. Out of the corner of her eye she caught her reflection. I look ridiculous, she realized yanking her hand away as though her fingers were burned. "Thank you, sir," she said to the warden. "I appreciate it, really, but I can't keep it. I wouldn't want it to get broken or stolen." She up behind her and tried to undo the clasp fingers fumbling.

The Warden grabs her hand and move them away from the necklace. Usually someone grabbing her would lead to a broken hand but his hand were so soft his touch so gentle...gentle....gentlemen....he's a gentlemen.....I'm a La....What the Hell Jak thinks to herself. " Now I will be having none of that" The Warden said "I have arrange a secure place to keep them between sessions so there is no need to worry about that" Jak realized that if she wanted to fool him into believing she was changing she was stuck wearing these Pearl from now on. Jak look at her reflection again "beside I don't look that ridiculous" Jac think to herself as she begins to stroke the beads again. The Warden smile as he watch Jacu....Jak admire her pearls.

Chapter 3

Jak caught herself doing it again, it was the third time she began to caress the bare part of her neck that her pearls rested on last night. She was beginning to get looks from the inmate in the mess hall and she didn't like. During class she made a real effort to pay attention just so her mind would not wander back to the bareness of her neck. As much as she tried to deny it she felt a since of relief when the warden placed her necklace on her. "There my lady, shall we proceed with the lesson?"

Now what is he gonna make me do? Jak wondered. This had to be the weirdest experience she'd ever had. And he was definitely the weirdest man she'd ever known. Why was he taking such a personal interest in her? It was all very confusing, and Jak didn't like being confused. (The more I act like a LADY, the HAPPIER I WILL BE) Jak shook her head to clear it and sat up hands braced on her knees. "All right, sir," she said her best I'm-a-good-kid voice, "what's next?"

"Well There are two stages to becoming a elegant Lady, starting first from the workings of inner elegance, because true elegance starts from within." The Warden saids "don't role your eye" Jak thinks to herself. The Warden continues"An elegant Lady is a gracious Lady. She is gracious till the end. She will never be aggressive or vulgar to anyone regardless to how they act toward her." "Oh he really is delusional" Jak think to herself.

"Guard you can bring her in" The Warden said through the intercom. The door open what walked in was a beast pretending to be a women. She was twice Jak size but that didn't intimidated Jak, She taken down bigger. She was chained up like Hannibal Lecuter and judging from the to arm guard accompany her, her crimes were not white collar. "Well Jac, Miss Stixx is staying at our maximum security facility up north, I had her brought down for the day to help out with this exercise" The Warden said "Now you and Miss Stixx our going to have a conversation, Now no matter what is said to you, you must be kind and courteous and never vulgar" Jak eyes widen in disbelief.

"Now if you show any aggression toward her or say one vulgar phrase you will be scrubbing toilets for the next six month" The Warden said. Jak wanted to show some aggression but not toward Miss Stixx. "that son of a bitch" Jak thought to herself . "Well lets start shall we" said warden as Jak prepare herself for six months of toilet duty. "Miss Stixx would you like to say anything to Jacul...Jak" The Warden said "YEAH!" said Miss Stixx "Nice Necklace you Prissy BITCH!!!!"

Jak clenched her jaw. 'Bitch' she could live with, hell, she'd prided herself on being the baddest bitch in her cell block, but 'prissy'? Seriously? All right, all right, Jak tried to remember that sensitivity seminar she'd more or less slept through at her last group home. The appropriate response to a compliment was, "Thank you," she said with a slight nod.

“Who did you fuck to get that” Miss Stixx replies “That Bitch….Like I’m good enough …… Like I would have sex with the warden” Jak thinks to herself “I didn’t sleep with anyone…this was a gift from the warden” Jak respond “Yeah right, tell me how many time did you let him squirt a pearl necklace on you before he gave you a real one. The rage build in Jak “Fuckin Bitch!” Jak thinks to herself “I going to tear her apar……Everyone speak kindly and gently to me AS I WOULD TO THEM"

The room seemed to wobble for a moment, like it was a snow globe that somebody had just shook. Jak grabbed the arms of her chair and tried to take a slow deep breath, but for some reason her lungs wouldn't cooperate. She heard noises coming from far away, someone shouting, sounds of a struggle, someone saying "get her out of here!" and then calling her name. The room tilted to one side and the lights went out.

Jacqueline strolled through the garden smiling at the guests. The weather was perfect. Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. A butterfly drifted in front of her and she stopped holding up her left arm. It landed on the back of her hand and Jacqueline smiled at the sight while the sun sparkled off the diamond ring she wore.

Jak opened her eyes and found herself looking at the water stained tiles of the infirmary's ceiling. Turning her head she glanced out the window. Dark, must be the middle of the night, she thought. Memories of what had happened just before, dear God, had she actually FAINTED? Damn, once word got around, she'd become fair game. Jak felt her face heat as she remembered the things Stixx had said to her, especially about the warden. Unlike most of the girls here, Jak had never once turned a trick in her life and she never wanted to start. Another former cellmate of hers wouldn't have hesitated to try and seduce the warden. She'd been the one to teach Jak about sex when Jak had first arrived. Jak wondered what had happened to her. Jak saw a man's silhouette on the frosted glass panel on the door. The doctor? Would he even be here this late? Jak lay back and closed her eyes waiting.

Chapter 4

Jak woke up the next morning feeling quite refreshed. “Morning sleepy head” said the nurse to Jak. “This new nurse is certainly more perking then the last one” Jak thinks to herself “I wonder how…why she keep her hair and make up so flawless working in a prison”. Jak look down and sees bandages all over her body, “I am afraid you cut yourself up pretty good from the fall” The Nurse said. Jak wonder how that was possible, failing to notice that the bandages where covering up her tattoos. The Doctor soon arrived and cleared her to return to population.

Only a few inmates gave her a wide berth for breakfast, which concerned Jak. "Could they know already?” she thinks to herself. As she eats her food a few brave soul even sat down next to her, she was about to do something about this, until she looked up and saw the Warden looking at her through the guard station window. She realize any action on her part would show that so called progress she had made was a facade …… is it a facade..right? Jak was quite disturbed that she entertained that thought for even a moment. Later that morning as she sat straight up in her seat in the middle of the classroom She notices the warden at the door again. “Change me, like you could perv” she thinks as she returns her attention to the teacher and her notes on the lecture.

As she walk to the session the incident at breakfast rattle in her mind, prehaps this good girl act is causing more problem then it's worth. "Toilet duty or not it time to make a stand" she thinks to herself "Time to show this pervert I can't be control" she got a look at her reflection in the varnish on the door. Standard jeans, white T-shirt, and gray hoodie, as neat and crease less as they could be without the benefits of an iron, the shirt was tucked in, the jeans properly fit above her hips and the hoodie was tight enough to modestly accentuate the few curves she did have. The holes in her nose and lower lip were closing up. Her hair in a ponytail with her natural dark brown emerging from the rapidly fading purple, green and gold. "It time to show him who's in charge" Jak thinks as she opens the door

Inside Jak found herself face to face with the warden. She looked him right in the eye and opened her mouth to let him have it (Everyone speak kindly and gently to me AS I WOULD TO THEM) The words stuck in her throat. They literally wouldn't come out. What the hell was up with that? She was angry and confused. (The more I act like a LADY, the HAPPIER I WILL BE) Something about the warden's eyes held her gaze. For reasons she didn't understand it reminded her of a campfire: something that would keep her warm and safe from the creatures lurking in the darkness. Jak couldn't recall the last time she'd felt really safe. For a moment she saw herself stepping into his arms which would close around her as though she was somebody precious. Her eyes started to burn and she blinked rapidly hoping that she wouldn't turn into some sissy crybaby.

But cry she did the tears begin flow from her eyes. Jak has never felt so vulnerable in her life and before she could react she found herself in the wardens arm. "Oh My poor Jacqueline" The Warden said "You have quite the troubling few day" the feel of his three piece suit next to her body made the Warden use of Jak proper name go completely unnoticed (Jacqueline is such a LOVELY Name). It was just how she imagine it...So Warm....So SAFE....So Precious.....She was Precious....not tough....PRECIOUS....SO PRECIOUS. Jac wrapped her arms around his waste. "I can't help but feel responsible" The Warden said "I pushed you way to hard yesterday and I feel awful about" "It okay" Jacu..Jak Replied " wait what did I just say" Jak thinks to herself as the dreaded feel of reality shake her out of her state of Bliss. "No is not" The Warden said as he pulls away from her. One part of Jak felt relieve another sad.

"I was in the wrong and I must correct it" said the Warden as he wipe the tears from Jak cheek. his touch is so gentle ...gentleman..he's a Gentleman I'm a Lad..... Jak pinches herself to prevent the thought from being completed. The Warden pulls a small box out of his jacket "I hope this will be show how sorry I am" the Warden said as he open the box. Jak look at the gift in disbelief "it's the diamond ring from my dream" Jak thinks to herself. "Um I...I...I"Jak stumble over her words "Now I will be having none of that" said the Warden as he slid the ring on Jak finger. Jac was so mesmerize by the ring she hardly notice The Warden putting her pearls around her neck. Jac just stare at her Beautiful Diamond Ring and then all of a sudden a butterfly landed on her hands. Perplex Jac looked up to see if the window was open, it was closed Jak looked down and the butterfly was gone.

She swallowed trying to ease the tightness in her throat. The hostility had drained out of her, as if washed away by her tears. She had come in here determined to get away as soon as possible and now she didn't want to leave. She was still staring at the ring, the way the lights and colors shifted within the stone. It was so pretty, so lovely. (Jacqueline is such a lovely name). She shook her head. This was crazy. There was no room in her life for pretty things like this. Nor could she quite believe he'd actually apologized to her. In her experience adults, especially male authority figures didn't apologize for anything, certainly not to her. She felt a warmth in her chest in a place where there'd only been cold emptiness before. "Thank you, sir," she said almost as if embarrassed. Nothing in her life had prepared her for this. She wasn't sure what to do.

"It's my honor" said the Warden "After all Beautiful Ladies should have Beautiful things". Conflicting emotion arise within Jak as her cheek blushed from the compliment. "Now on to today lesson" said The Warden as Jak place herself in her favorite chair. "Poise.... it is composure, dignity of manner and graceful and elegant bearing in a person" The Warden begin "Poise in a Lady is a beautiful thing. It is one of the signatures of a beautiful and elegant Lady.....Now Jacul....Jak What is Poise?" "Oh no not this again" Jak

think to herself (The more I act like a LADY, the HAPPIER I WILL BE) "Poise is composure and dignity of manner. It is a graceful and elegant bearing in a person." Jac said with a strange sense of confidence. "Excellent" The Warden said as he hands Jac a book. "What page would you like me to read from Sir" Jacul.....Jak said. "Oh you are not going to read from that book ...you are going to balance it on your head" said Warden as his eye directed Jac to the corner of the room. She look over and what Jak saw filled her with horror .....HIGH HEELS

Jak winced. She'd tried on a former foster mother's high heels once, taken two steps and landed flat on her face. Granted the shoes had been way too big for her. For a moment she felt a spark of hope which promptly fizzled out. Her shoe size was in her file, and even if these didn't fit, no doubt the Warden had other pairs that would. She stood up and shuffled over to the corner. These shoes were white and felt like real leather. Next to them was a box of those little footie things they had in shoe stores. Jak sat on a stool and took off her sneakers and socks. She put on some footies and then slid her feet into the shoes. For a moment she was reminded of that scene where Cinderella tries on the glass slipper they fit that well. At least these shoes weren't made out of glass. A girl could get sliced up real bad. She stood up and nearly fell over. Waving her arms and leaning back she almost landed on her ass and had to spread her feet to regain her balance. How the hell was she supposed to walk in these things if she couldn't even stand up? And balancing a book on her head? Forget about it! The book! Jak felt her jaw clench as she realized she'd left it on the table near the chair she'd been sitting in. Maybe, maybe if she braced herself against the wall... Damn, why did the carpet have to be so thick? She wobbled along, her usual shuffling stride unsteady as her ankles and knees did their own thing. So much for 'dignity of manner' and 'elegant bearing'. She probably looked like a drunken baby giraffe to the Warden. Don't look at him, she told herself. If she saw him smirk, there was no telling what she'd do. The table with the book was about six feet away from her. With nothing to grab hold of in between. You can do this, she told herself. Just two quick steps. Jak pushed herself off the wall and took one step but something when she tried to take the second one. She didn't know and she didn't really care since she was falling forward with that table in the way. She put up her arms to protect her face and braced for impact.

But there was no impact to be had just the feel of an arm sweeping in to protect her from a fall. For the second time today she found herself in the Warden arms and that feeling of being safe surged through her body. “Pace yourself Darling” The Warden said as he grab her hand to steady her “You need to make smaller steps” Jak did as she was told as she begin to move, she felt awkward but stable. The Warden hold ing her hand felt like the ultimate safe blanket. “His touch is safe…warm…Gentle….Gentleman…he’s a Gentlemen I’m a Lad….Did he call me Darling!?!” Jak thinks to herself as they approached the desk. The Warden lets go of her hand and positions her. He place the book on her head and it immeditlity falls off, it took a mere 10 more times before Jak could keep it some what balance on her head and that was while she was standing still. The Warden walk over to the other side of the room “Remember…” The Warden said as he reaches his hands out to Jak “Now walk to me” A thought pop into jacks head “if I fall he will catch me, he will always catch me” That sense of warmth arise in Jac again and with it a new sense of confidence, with this newfound confidence Jacu…Jak took her first step

She felt the book wobble and froze. She couldn't tilt her head or it would slide off. Smaller steps, right, she could do this, she thought peering down. Farther back in her mind part of her wondered why the hell she wanted to. And what was up with this 'Darling' business? she asked herself as she inched across the floor. She'd never been anybody's darling, and he hadn't sounded sarcastic or mean when he said it. Or was she imagining it? Before all this Special Counseling had started Jak had lived in a black & white world. Not the absolutes, there were plenty of shades of gray, but not much color. (As a LADY My world is generally a more PLEASANT place) Favorite things like toys and books could be taken or destroyed by somebody bigger and stronger. Always small for her age, Jak had learned to be ferocious when she fought. Even now at a mere 5'2 and 100 pounds she was hardly the biggest girl here, she guessed these heels added about three inches to her height. And this wasn't actually all THAT bad, not really. (The more I act like a LADY, the HAPPIER I WILL BE) She just had to keep her back straight, her steps small. Warm hands engulfed hers and looking up she saw the Warden smiling at her. "You did it, Jacqueline!" He leaned in and kissed her cheek. She was so startled her head jerked and the book slid to the floor.

Chapter 5

Jacqueline stroll through the Garden admiring the beauty around her. She stop by a bed of rose and lean over to smell them. The aroma filled her senses with bliss as Jacqueline rejoice in the splendor of being a Lady. That splendor grew as she felt a gentle touch upon her should. A euphoric smile came across her face for only one touch could fill her with such warmth. She spun around and greeted her Handsome Gentlemen "Hello Darling"......Jak woke up in a cold sweat with the memories of last night still present in her mind. Jak couldn't make sense of it , after the Warden kiss her she threw off her heels and ran out. It wasn't until she got back to her cell that she realized that she was bare footed.

She spent the whole morning expecting some sort of retribution for her action, but nothing happen. After finishing her quiz early she sat in her science class trying to make sense of it all "what he did was wrong....I should report him" She thinks to herself. Right then the Nurse enter the class room and approach the teacher. " If you can excuse Miss Jacqueline, I need to change her bandages" The Nurse said to the Teacher "Oh of course.....Jacqueline go with Nurse Jessica" the teacher replied. Jak gets up and walk over to the Nurse "Have fun Jacqueline" one of her class mates said with a sarcastic tone. Jak started to responded back (Everyone speak kindly and gently to me AS I WOULD TO THEM) but stop herself.

As they walk down the hall she notice they walk past the infirmary. “Where are we going?" Jak asked "to change your bandages dear" said the nurse. They soon arrive at there destination which to Jak surprise was the room next to her special counseling room. As they enter the room Jak was taken aback "this look like one of those spa's you see in magazine" Jak think to herself. "Ok dear now take off your cloth" The Nurse said to Jak, Jak pauses and the Nurse response " Now don't be bashful Dear...who do you think put those bandages on you in the first place". Jak begins to disrobe, she then folded her cloths neatly and place them on a shelf.

"Now lay face down on there" The Nurse said as she points to a massage table. Jak lays down and that familiar feeling of comfort engulf her again. The Nurse gentle remove the bandages and grab a strange device. "Whats that?" ask Jak "It a machine that uses laser to disaffect wounds. The Nurse begins to use the device, and a thought begins to pop into Jak head "isn't that were my Tato..... (As a LADY My world is generally a more PLEASANT place). Once the Nurse is done with the device she puts on fresh bandages and begins to rubs Jak back. "What kind of Nurse is this?" Jak thinks to herself. As the nurse keeps rubbing the more relax Jak felt. it gets harder and harder for Jak to keep her eyes open.

Soon Jak shut her eyes for what she thought was just a moment but when she open them again she was sitting a chair her hands and feet soaking in bowls filled something she wasn't familiar with. a silk robe was wrap around her otherwise naked body. Her hair was wrap up in a towel feeling like it was freshly washed and a mud like substance was applied to her face.

What the HELL is going on? Jak asked herself. Since when do they have spa days here? Determined to get some answers she took her feet out of the bowls and stood up. She took her hands out and tried to scrape whatever it was off her face. It didn't take her long to realize her tats were gone. Okay, she told herself, not the end of the world. Some of them she'd gotten when she was in a really bad place and hadn't really liked all that much. Once she got out of here she could get better ones, maybe a rose on her. First things first. Suddenly she held up her hands in front of her face. Her ragged, bitten down to the quick nails were smooth and rounded. Not long, because that wasn't allowed, but longer than they had been. Her calluses and scars had also somehow disappeared. She yanked the towel off her head and her hair fell down. Sifting through the strands she couldn't find any trace of the streaks of color "What the heck is going on?" she said out loud. Did I actually just say heck? "What is this place? What are you doing to me?" She looked around but couldn't find a door. Her heart started to race as adrenaline kicked in. This was so far beyond her experience and way past creepy. "What are you doing to me?" she asked again.

"Were making you Beautiful Dear" the Nurse said as she emerged from a walk in closet. "I don't want to be a Beautiful!" said Jak "Nonsense, every Lady wants to look her best" Replied the Nurse "I DON'T WANT TO BE A LADY!!!" Jak scream at the top of her lungs "are you sure about the Dear" said the Nurse "YES I AM ABSOLU....(The more I act like a LADY, the HAPPIER I WILL BE)...um....ssure? Jak saids as a sense of calmness falls over her. "Oh my Dear, with all the things you have had to endure, how can you truly know what you want" The Nurse saids as she grabs a wet rag and begins to gently clean off Jak face. "I know what I....(As a LADY My world is generally a more PLEASANT place)...w...want?" Jak said with no confidence. "All the Warden wants to do is show you that there is another way to live, a different kind of life, a beautiful, elegant, Splendid kind of life" The Nurse said as she finishes cleaning Jak face "Splendid" Jacqu...Jac said with a trance like tone as she touched her face.

"So smooth" she thinks to herself as she rub her hand across her face. Jac touches the cheek the Warden kiss and a warm sensation runs through her body and the memory of that kiss seems less disturbing now...in fact it feel Pleasant. "Now lets get you dressed for your session. Jac begins to walk over to her cloth but the nurse stops her. "Oh you wont be wearing those ghastly thing tonight" The Nurse said Panic arose in Jac Mind "Oh NO NOT A DRESS!!!". Her Panic did not subside when she saw the under wear laid out for her, needless to say they were not her standard cotton whites. The bra and panties were pink with foil lance, a part of Jak recoiled in horror at the thought of something so prissy touching her body, but strangely that didn't make Jac hesitant as slid on the Panties and even touch them to get feel of the lace. As she put on her bra she noticed that her breast seemed bigger and rounder "it can't be" she thinks to herself "The Pretty lace just make them look that wa..... pretty...really?".

"Let me grab your outfit" The Nurse said as she walk into the closet. The feeling of dread return to Jak "Not a Dress...I will not wear a Dress" she thinks to herself. That sense of dread soon became relief when she saw the Nurse emerge from the closet with a pair of cream colored slacks. Jac was so relieved she hardly notice that the cashmere sweater the Nurse choose for her was pink. As she put on the outfit that wonderful sense of comfort feel over her again and although this wasn't a dress this outfit was by far fanciest thing she has ever warn.

Next came the heels and while they were tad more causal then the other they were just as high. But unlike the last time Jac had little trouble getting into then and walked in them as though they were a natural extension to her legs "I like feeling taller" she thinks to herself. Jac walk over to the vanity table and see her ring, pearl necklace and a matching set of pearl earring laid out for her. As Jac puts on her jewelry she looks at her self in the mirror (every Lady wants to look her best) "Now let do something about that hair" The Nurse saids as she sits Jac down in front of the vanity table. As the Nurse brushes her hair Jac wonder for a fleeting moment how her hair went from short and spiky to shoulder length in a few short day. But that thought fades as she become transfixes by the dark brown color of her hair "Maybe I getting too old to have purple and green hair" Jac thinks to herself as The Nurse put a cream color headband on Her. "there with just little make up you will be finished Jacqueline" The Nurse said "Jacqueline" Jacqu...Jac think to her " I...I...I look like a Jacqueline"

Makeup? She'd never worn makeup before. She had no idea what colors to use or how to put it on without making herself look like a clown. She felt embarrassed, and then annoyed. Okay, maybe she wasn't the poster child for success, but seriously how would a makeover, even one this extreme really change anything? Not long before she arrived here she'd read through her file while the caseworker was out having a smoke. "Jacqueline does not follow directions well." "Jacqueline is inattentive." "Jacqueline has poor impulse control." There were several other complaints, some of them about things that never happened or got twisted around to make her look bad. From that moment on she'd hated her name. Now as she looked at herself in the mirror all that old negativity, the belief that nobody would ever want her or care about her started to bubble up to the surface. She felt her hand close into a fist.

The rage built up inside Jak “you are not me” she said to her reflection in the mirror “YOU NOT ME!!!!” Jak raise up up her fist ready to shatter the mirror and destroy Jacqueline once and for all. But as she starts to swing someone grab her hand with a firm but gentle grip.....so Gentle...it must be the Warden. “Jacqueline what's wrong” Said the Warden “It Jak!...JAK, JAK JAK!!!!” Jak said as her anger dissolve into tear “W..why are...are y...you do..doing this ME” Jak could barely finish the sentence before she started crying, crying like she never had before as if the dam that held back all the grief in her life had finally broken. Jak lost all control, even if she wanted to she would not have been able to stop the Warden from holding her in his arms.

“Oh my Precious Darling” The Warden said as he Gentle stroked her hair “You have been so brave to come this far” Jak felt her resistance draining with each tear drop, she had to muster up all her will to say a few word “But..but I'm not Jacqueline....I'm not good enough” Jak was certain that not what she meant to say “Of course you are Darling” The Warden said “A lady does not come from privilege she comes from within” As the Warden talks Jak last bit of resistance fade away as she fell deeper into his embrace, ..so warm...So Safe...So Precious...I'm Precious. “That Lady has always been inside you Jacqueline” The Warden continues “All you have to do is set her free” The Warden kisses Jacque....Jak on the forehead this with no resistance from Jak “Now let say we finish up her so we can start the session” said The Warden “Yes,Sir” replies Jak with a more compliant tone to her voice. The Warden set backs and watches as his pupil get her first lesson in make up.

As she begins to apply her foundation Jacq...Jak begin to remember the things that was said about her in her file. But somehow they seem different

"Jak does not follow directions well." "Jacqueline does follow directions well." "Jak is inattentive." "Jacqueline is attentive." "Jak has poor impulse control." "Jacqueline has splendid impulse control."

She listened and followed the Nurse's directions about blending as she put on eye liner, mascara, blush, and lipstick. It was easier than she'd thought, and a whole lot easier than trying to process her feelings. She felt, not quite empty, more hollowed out, and off-balance, like one of those people in the news who had giant tumors removed. Or was it more like a cavity that had been cleaned out but not yet filled. And somewhere from so deep down she'd forgotten about it, rose a curiousity about the woman she'd been named after. What had made her so special? Was it just that she'd been the First Lady? Or had there been more to it? Blotting her lips she suddenly had a vision of herself back at that Garden Party. For the first time she noticed the building surrounding it. One story, white with a covered walkway around the outside and column like from an old Greek temple or fancy museum. A lot of it was hidden by the trees but she could definitely make out the American flag flying in the distance. She shook her head in denial. It was just a dream, just a silly recurring dream. But one thing she couldn't shake off was the sense of belonging there. It had felt like, like, was that what being at home felt like? She gave herself a onceover in the mirror and turned to face the Warden. "What's next, Sir?"

As Jak returned to her cell she try and process the nights events. She spent the first half of the session learning how to demurely sit like a lady and second half was dedicated to manners. The lesson keep repeating in her head..."Manners are wonderful to have. It makes a person beautiful.......Manners are love, they are kindness, they are refinement." As these saying repeated in her head that emptiness inside her felt a little less Hollow. The Make up washed off her face, dress back in her standard prison wear Jak life was back to normal...yet it didn't feel normal. Her cloth felt itchy and uncomfortable and walking without the benefit of heels felt unnatural. As she enter the her cell she notice something strange. "Were is Shelly" Jak asked the guard "she been move" said the guard " you've got the cell all to yourself" Jak entered her cell

and notice a frame picture and a book next to her bed. It was the picture she had seen years ago of her namesake wearing Ja.....her pink dress. The book was her autobiography, Jak open the book and saw something written on the front page....One Beautiful Jacqueline deserve another. Jak couldn't help but blush,without the spying eyes of a cellmate Jak felt comfortable stripping down to pink foil lace underwear and laid in bed.."these sheet....there Silk"

Chapter 6

She woke after a restless dream of wandering through a maze full of mirrors. Her reflection kept changing from Jak to Jacqueline and back. Who was she? Which one was the real her? She tried to focus on getting through the day. Mail call was held during lunch and she was surprised when her name was called. After lunch there was time outside and she sat on a bench to open and read her letter. Most of it was legal mumbo jumbo but the sentence that caught her attention was "On the recommendation of the warden, you will be granted an early release pending your completion of the Special Counseling program." Whoa. Like every other girl here she'd wanted out, but she figured that wouldn't happen till she served her full sentence. That had seemed so far off to her that she hadn't let herself think about it. She had nowhere to go, no family waiting for her, nothing. One of the guards came to tell her she had a visitor. Probably her lawyer. She hadn't seen the guy since she'd been sentenced and, well, she hadn't been on her best behavior that day. She followed the guard into the room with the visiting booths and sat down, just like she'd practiced last night. Looking up through the glass her heart kicked into overdrive when she saw that her visitor was definitely not her lawyer. Danny Boy was one of those guys who was into everything. He'd started as a bookie and loan shark and then got into fake IDs, then running drugs and weapons, and around the time of her arrest he'd added pimp to his list of services provided. Lindsey, the cellmate who'd taught her about sex, had been part of his stable. She picked up the handset and brought it to her ear. "Well, now," Danny Boy said in a voice that made her skin crawl, "if it isn't little Jak, all grown up." Oh, God, she realized, if he's got me in his sights, I'm better off dead. It was too early. Dinner wasn't for another hour, but she wished with all her heart to be back in that pretty room with the Warden, the one place and the one person who'd made her feel safe.

"Hello Daniel" said Jak it wasn't until these words left her lips that she realize what she called him. "Daniel ?" Danny Boy "Well your definitely not the same Jak I remember...with her pretty brown hair, nice nail and well Daniel...You gone all proper on me" for a second Jak didn't know how to respond (Everyone speak kindly and gently to me AS I WOULD TO THEM) "Well I don't know about that,I am just growing up is all" Jak replied "Well behind all your color spiked hair and tattoo's you have always a bit of a prudish cunt...always refuse to true a trick...like you were too good for it or something" Danny Boy said. A mixture of rage and fear filled inside Jak as she begin to respond to Danny Boy "YOU SON....(Everyone speak kindly and gently to me AS I WOULD TO THEM)...I Going t....(Manners are wonderful to have. It makes a person beautiful)...I mean...(Manners are love, they are kindness, they are refinement)..I would kindly ask that would reframe from such disparaging remark about me, otherwise I'm afraid this conversation must come to a end"....."Did I really just say that!" Jak thinks to herself. Danny Boy laugh out loud and claps his hand "Bravo..Bravo..You got this down...Playing the I'm reformed act right to the camera.. Jacqueline" Danny Boy said with a sarcastic tone. The sound of her proper name comforts Jak, as she looks up to the cameras a thought pops into her head "Is My Darl....the Warden watching me...of course he is...If I fall he will catch me...he will always catch me" "What do you want Daniel" Jacqu..Jak said with a new found since of confidence

Daniel leaned in close and said, "Why I want you, Jackie girl. Gotta sample the goods before I can set a price." "Good-bye, Daniel," she said hanging up the phone and standing up. She walked out of the area hoping nobody would notice her trembling. Once she was back in the cell block she dashed to the nearest garbage can and threw up. I can't go back to that, she thought. I can't. I need a plan. I need help. I need...Again the memory of the Warden catching her, saving her from a fall came to mind and her stomach settled a little. Asking for help, asking for anything was something she'd trained herself to stop doing. Yeah, and look where living in the moment and taking whatever you wanted got you. You've been a miserable bitch most of your life, emphasis on the miserable. (The more I act like a LADY, the HAPPIER I WILL BE). "Miss," one of the guards said. "I have to take you to the infirmary now." She nodded. "Thank you."

"Almost done Dear" Said The Nurse as she applied the wax to Jak's leg. Jak knew by now that soon after the feeling of hot wax being placed on her skin would come the pain of it being ripped off. Jak felt like every inch of her body had been wax from her arm pits to her legs to areas of the body that would be inappropriate to mention in polite society. Jak stared at her freshly painted nails to distract herself from the pain."All finished dear" said the Nurse. As if almost to justify the pain she had just endured Jak sat up and rubbed her legs. "I...I never knew they could be this smooth(As a LADY My world is generally a more PLEASANT place)...SO SMOOTH" Jac..Jak thinks to herself as the memories of the pain drift away.

As Jacq...Jak admires her freshly wax eye brows in the mirror of the vanity table the conversation she had with Danny Boy kept rattling in her mind. It wasn't the first time she was called a cunt, but she had never been called prudish or better then anything. She began to wonder why she didn't go down the rode of prostitution or drug addiction like so many women in her situation. It not like she was raise with any sort of standards or respect for herself. "what truly stopped me?(A lady does not come from privilege she comes from within)...could it ...have...been... Jacqueline?... Has she truly been with me all my life" This thought is interrupted by the smell of the hairspray the Nurse was spraying on Jak hair. The Nurse had fix her hair in a bouffant style made famous by Jak namesake. "I.....do kinda look like her" Jacqu....Jak thinks to herself while admiring her beautiful new do (One beautiful Jacqueline deserve another)

Next can make up which after one lesson Jacque..Jak could handle like a pro. But after she put on her bra Jak notice that something was missing "Were are my panties?" Jak ask The Nurse "Oh you won't be needing those" Replied the Nurse as she held up a pair of panty hose. Jak stepped back a bit, she had seen such a thing wore by hooker and stripper but had never wore them herself and could never understand the desire to do so. The mild pouty frown that formed on Jak lips show the Nurse that she was going to have to be a bit stern. "Now..Now we will be having none of that" Said the Nurse "Come here and put these on" Jak did as she was told.

Jak Struggle at first while thought of defiance bounce around in her head "I can't for the life of me understand why anybody would wan...wa..w....is this made of SILK" that now all too familiar feeling of comfort hit Jacquel...Jak as She slid the pantyhose up her legs, feeling how silky smooth they were on her freshly waxed legs. "See that wasn't so bad" said the Nurse "It wasn't bad...in fact it's..kinda....Wonderful" Jacquelin...Jak thinks to herself while admiring her new friends in the mirror. "Well dear we are not done yet, we need to finish dressing you" said the Nurse "Of course, My outfit" Jacqueline think to herself " I wonder how my lovely panty hose will feel underneath my slac.......OH SHIT" A feeling of Horror falls over Jak as she see through the reflection in the mirror what the Nurse is holding up " OH FUCK IT A DRESS!!!!!"

The last time she'd worn a dress had been for an Open House at one of her group homes. One of the volunteers had convinced her it would improve her chances of getting picked to live with a family that would eventually adopt her. Well, whatever that dress had been made of it had made her itch like crazy causing her to scratch and fidget so much the director sent her to one of the time out rooms until after the party was over. Ever since she'd started this Special Counseling she'd been forced to face issues she'd ignored or suppressed for years. Some of it, hell a LOT of it had been painful, and yet. The pain hadn't lasted forever, and, she could hardly believe she was admitting it even to herself, it had felt, kinda good to cry some of the tears she'd been holding back for so long. She felt herself blushing at the

memories of the times she'd been in the Warden's arms. What would it be like to have those arms always availble whenever she needed them? Get real! she told herself. The most you can hope for is that he'll have some idea of what you can do when you finally get out of here. Wearing heels and makeup didn't kill you and this won't either. You've sucked up worse than this, so just deal already. The dress had a sleeveless fitted bodice and a full skirt. She stepped into it and tried to zip it up but she couldn't quite reach it. "Would you help me, please?" she asked.

She got no response but soon she felt the zipper move. The farther the zipper went up the more the dress cling to her body. The material felt drastically different from her old dress, it was far from itchy; in fact it was the most comfortable thing she has ever felt on her body. Jacq…Jak was soon snapped of her comfortable bliss when she heard the zipper reach the top of the dress. “Thank You,” She said “Your Welcome Jacqueline” Jacqu…Jak was taken by the voice, she turn around and notice it was not the Nurse it was The Warden. Jacque…Jak was speechless “Well I must say” said the Warden as he position her in front of the mirror “You look amazing Jacqueline”. For second time in just a few brief moments the Warden used her proper name and she did nothing to correct him. It just didn’t seem right…she certainly didn’t look like Jak…she looked like Jacqueline.

Jacqueline slipped her panty hose covered feet in her heels and put on her diamond ring and her pearl earrings. She put off putting on her pearl necklace in silent hope her Darl…the warden would do the honors….and her wish came true . After the warden finish with her necklace he placed his hands on her shoulder.” His touch is so gentle” she thinks to herself “Gentle…Gentlemen…He’s a Gentleman I’m a Lady” the Warden leans over and whisper in her ear “Your more Beautiful then I imagined” A tranquil smile spread across Jacqueline blushing cheeks ….Beautiful…the word floated through Jacqueline mind as she fussed with pearl in the mirror. Other word begin to surface in her mind…..Elegant…..Proper…..Ladylike…words that once filled Jak with disgust now filled Jacqueline with bliss.

She remember that heavily piece, tattoo laden, spiky hair girl in the torn up misfits shirt and she felt a tinge of embarrassment “How did I ever consider that to be preferable to this?” Jacqueline thinks to herself ….she now realized that even with her disadvantage upbringing she could have done more to look and act in a dignified manner, a manner that reflexed her true self…a self no body else saw but her beloved darli….the warden. “Come now lets get your coat” said the Warden “Coat” said Jak…Jacqueline snapping out of her tranquil state of bliss “ Are we going somewhere” “Of Course” the Warden replies “Were else are we going practice dinner etiquette then at dinner ?”

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Re: Special Counseling

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Great story so far! Can't wait till see how her transformation continues!


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Re: Special Counseling

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Chapter 7

For a moment confusion distressed her. He couldn't be taking her outside, could he? That had to be against the rules. And even if that wasn't the case, were they actually going out to dinner, like on a date? Her face felt hot and butterflies filled her stomach at the thought of going out in public. And given that the Warden was wearing an nicer suit than usual, she was guessing they weren't headed for the local greasy spoon. He was holding up a coat and she turned and slipped her arms into the sleeves. He lifted it over her shoulders and turned her to drape the scarf around her neck. Had anyone ever shown her such care, such tenderness. Maybe, maybe tonight she could pretend it was all real. That she was a young woman, young lady, going to dinner with a handsome, charming man. When he held out his arm, she looped hers through it and smiled.

It wasn’t the first time she had rode in the back of a car, but those back set had real bars not a mini bar and the driver was a cop not a chauffer. “A limousine…I’m in a Limousine” Jacqueline thinks to herself. It was still so surreal for her, she would have never imagine this when she first walked into special counseling and more importantly she would have never believed that she would have been so willing to play along. “Play along….it that what I’m really doing” Jacqueline think to herself “Have I played along my whole life, play the part of the tough punk girl …what all it really was a part….not me“ As she straighten her dress she felt any thing but rough and tough, she felt docile and feminine and she loved it she truly did. The more she acted like a lady the happier she felt, but could it last. At least when she was Jak she was able to fool herself into believing that there wasn’t a better way to live, but Jacqueline know better and that will make it all the more painful if the Danny Boys of the world take it away from her. As the limo pulls up to the restaurant Jak…Jacqueline can’t help but wonder if this a blessing or a curse.

Was this how Cinderella felt when she'd arrived at the ball? she wondered as the car stopped and the door opened. Her Pri-Warden got out and then held his hand to help her. She couldn't help but notice the difference: his strong and powerful, hers slender, and well, dainty. She'd spent most of her life despising weakness in herself, but now it seemed okay. She didn't have to be tough, and that was, a relief. As they entered the restaurant and took off their coats her mind briefly flashed back to a health class lecture on bulimia. How after a certain point, even if they wanted to, bulimics couldn't stop throwing up because that's what their bodies were used to. She'd been Jak for so long, convinced it was the only way for her to survive. Yes, being Jak had landed her in jail, but Jak hadn't needed anybody either. She'd taken care of herself because she'd figured out that nobody else would. They'd been shown to their table and the Warden pulled out a chair for her. "Thank you," she said as she sat adjusting her skirts. all the different forks and glasses seemed to mock her. Even setting aside the fact that she'd never used eating utensils that weren't plastic, how was she supposed to know which ones to use when? But that wasn't the worst. She opened the menu and discovered it was written in French. At least she thought it was French. It could just as easily have been Italian or pure gibberish. Now what was she supposed to do?

Before special counseling Jak would hide her ignorance with a defiant roar, She would state loudly and vulgarly the stupidity of a menu being in french and how it was oppressive to the underclass. Not that Jak ever really took the time to understand the veil political and society stance she was making, it was just a shield to protect her from her shame. But special counseling has primped and polished that out of her leaving a Lady with an adorable pout on her lips and a look of concern in her eye's.

"Relax Jacqueline, I won't require you to learn French tonight" said The Warden. A sense of relief feel over Jacqueline along with a strange thought "It would be lovely to learn French". The Warden summoned the waiter and began speaking to him in French. She notice the Warden pointing at her and realized the he was ordering for her. "Why the nerve" Jak..Jacqueline thinks to herself "He didn't even ask m.....well I guess he.....he would know what best here.....he...he always knows whats best" Glancing around the restaurant she noticed for the first time how much the decor resembled that of the special counseling room. There was soft music playing somewhere and through an archway she could see couples dancing in the next room. Don't get your hopes up, she told herself. Just appreciate what you have now. Part of her wanted to ask what it was he'd ordered but that seemed rude somehow. "So how did you learn French?" she asked hoping she didn't sound as nervous as she felt.

My mother taught it to me when I was little, I spent a quarter in France during my doctoral study, so it help out quite a bit. "you learn it as a child?" She respond "Yes along with Russian, Chinese, Arabic and a few other...it the benefits of having a classical education" said The Warden. Jacqueline looked confused "whats that" she asked "A Classical Education is language-intensive and not image focused. It demands that students use and understand words, not video images." The Warden responds. "It trains the mind to analyze and draw conclusions. It cultivates and enforces self discipline. I am convinced that a classical education

shapes your mind for elegance. It helps you become an accomplished lady or gentlemen.I also believe, as silly as it sounds, that your thoughts, heart and value shapes the beauty of your face and your expressions. An interesting person has an interested face. An interested face is more beautiful than just a pretty face, which you can sometimes tell results from superficial thoughts. "Jak always scoff at anyone who told her that tv would rot her mind. But now she wonders "where they right". Her biggest Resistance to changing was the fear of losing her independence and become another mindless pretty face. But now she realizes how ridiculous that is. The Warden didn't want to turn into a doll, her darli....he wanted to mold into a Lady of true sophistication. Although she didn't truly understand what a classical eduction was Jacqueline want to have it.

Of course she was probably too old. Yeah she'd heard about those language programs that promised to make you fluent, but seriously, what chance did she have to use something like that. "I don't think it sounds silly. People who are really smiling always look nicer than people who are fake smiling." Fake smiling? Had she honestly just said such an air headed thing? "I mean people who are smiling, but they don't really mean it." She stared at the pattern on the plates trying not to fidget. Of all her meager achievements she considered learning to read the best one. Short of getting her brains scrambled it was something nobody could take away from her. It had taken her longer than usual, and then she hadn't really practiced. Bookworms and nerds were easy targets. For a moment her eyes misted up as she remembered how one of her foster brothers had grabbed her first real "big girl" book, A LITTLE PRINCESS by Frances Hodgson Burnett and ripped it apart. Instead of helping her tape it back together, her foster mother had put her in the Naughty Closet for complaining. She took a deep breath and blinked. All she needed now was for her mascara to start running.

The last thing she wanted was to endure the embarrassment of crying in public. But the warm and gentle feel of the warden touching her hands helped hold back the tear. "Your doing great" said the Warden "What do you mean" replied Jacqueline "With everything, you have made splendid progress" The Warden said "I will never truly understand all you have been through in your life, but I know enough to understand how truly difficult a transition like this must be to you" As The Warden talks Jacqueline looks deep into his eye and saw true compassion....compassion for her "I want you to understand that I don't expect you to be perfect" The warden continues "it okay to fall ....I will catch you" Jacqueline heart skips a beat (He will always Catch Me) " Thank Sir" she replies "I must admit I was a bit skeptical about all this, But I believe that I have turned a corner and I am doing the best that I can....without the benefits of classical education of course" She was taken aback by the last comment she made worried that Jak had crawl out of the darkness add a little sarcastic jab at the warden. A fear sunk into Jacqueline, fear that her comment offended the Warden and a fear the Jak would never truly go away. But all the warden did was smile "Well that wont be a problem after tomorrow" The Warden said "How so Sir?" Replied Jacqueline " I've talk to your teacher and judging from the Splendid progress you have made in class. You will be remove from the general education program and will receive specialize tutoring in the classical style"

She looked down at her hands in his. Then had to sit back as their food arrived. A shallow bowl more like a plate was placed in front of her holding steaming liquid. Soup of some kind. "Thank you," she said to the waiter. Oh boy, now which spoon am I supposed to use? Glancing across the table she decided to see which one he used. Okay that took care of that, but what was it? Would it be rude to ask? "It looks, hot," she said. Hopefully she could get it into her mouth without dribbling on her lovely dress and she did and felt a sense of accomplishment. Growing up food was something you devour as fast as possible or it would be taken by a bigger foster sibling or fellow prisoner. But tonight there was no need to rush as Jacqueline slowly sipped her soup savory every moment.

Next came the salad and with the confidence she got from the soup Jacqueline decide to figure which fork to use on her own "let see the fork to left is smaller and it is the farthest out and since the salad comes first it would be the first one I use" she thinks to herself. Finding the logic sound she grab hold of the fork and look up to see the Warden smiling holding onto the same fork. "I was rig...well of course I'm right it is the only sensible place for it to be" she thinks to herself with the same steadfast confidence in formal place setting that a scientist would have with the laws of physic.

The rest of the meal was exquisite, all fast food she ate in her life tasted like cardboard compare to this food. It was as if she had truly discover taste, not just taste in food but in cloth, music, literature. It wasn't a lie ...the Finer things in life are truly Finer. Jacqueline talk very little during the meal, it just seem inappropriate to bring up the unpleasnatries of her life as Jak in such a lovely place. She most ask her darl..the warden question about him, his doctorate in psychology, his love of horse racing and polo, his patience while waiting for that special lady to come into his life. "How was it" The Warden ask as the waiter took the dessert plates" "It was splendid" Said Jacqueline "But I am stuffed" "Well I know how we can work that off" said the warden. A flood of inappropriate thought run the Jacqueline mind...thought unbecoming of a Lady "Excuse me" she Replies. The Warden extend his toward her "My Lady may I have this dance?"The food in her stomach turned into butterflies as she stood up. What if she tripped or...but when she placed her hand in his the butterflies flew away. All she had to do was follow his lead.

As she stepped into his arms it was as though muscle memories she'd never known she had kicked in. She stepped, she glided and turned in perfect time to the music. If anybody else was looking at her she neither knew nor cared. She only had eyes for her partner, and she couldn't seem to stop smiling.Not once did she stumble or slip or step on his foot. The evening was perfect. When the music stopped they applauded for the musicians but suddenly she was aware that the evening couldn't last forever. Time stands still for nobody and soon, too soon, she would, she would...Her chest seized up as though all the air were being squeezed from her lungs making each breath a battle against her own body. Her hand felt as though it was stuck in a trash compactor. She'd been fooling herself but she would have to go back to that horrible place, and it was all her own fault. She'd brought it on herself.

She didn't want to be Jak anymore. Hot tears came to her eyes as she struggled for breath. I'm not Jak, I'm Jacqueline. I'm not Jak, I'm Jacqueline. I'm not Jak, I'm Jacqueline. I'm not Jak, I'm...

A LADY does not come from privilege she comes from WITHIN....I AM JACQUELINE. A new found sense confidence fell over Jacqueline as the paragraph she read on her first day of special counseling repeated in her head...As a LADY My world is generally a more PLEASANT place. Everyone speak kindly and gently to me as I would to them. I feel like ROYALTY whenever I go. The more I act like a LADY, the HAPPIER I WILL BE”.....But these where no longer mere words on a paper. To Jacqueline these where Holy Commandment for at this very moment she truly knew who she was meant to be and all the prisons and Danny Boys of the world couldn't not take it away from her, she will always Be A Proper Lady.

The bliss of this revelation cause Jacqueline to close her eyes for just a moment. But when she open them again she was not at the restaurant but back at her beautiful garden. She's wearing a wide brim hat, silk long sleeve gloves and a black and white hourglass dress the perfect attire for a day at the races. She looks over and see her Darling Gentlemen in his best morning suit and waistcoat with a top hat to finish off the ensemble. "My Lady you look stunning" He said "As do you my Darling" Jacqueline said as she leans in and kisses him. The bliss of the kiss cause Jacqueline to close her eyes again, But when she open them she was back at the restaurant kissing the warden. Mortified, Jacqueline stepped back. She managed to keep her face straight but couldn't control the heat blazing in her cheeks. Oh, this was awkward. She couldn't look at him. Was he angry? Embarrassed? Did he, gulp, pity her?

After all she could hardly be the first female to completely lose her head over this man. His physical charms not withstanding, he was like someone from another age, a more gallant age, such as the era of courtly love. Her knowledge of history was, patchy at best, but she did remember something about that, how the knights and gentlemen of the court would woo their ladyloves with music and poetry and brave deeds done on their behalf. She remembered feeling somewhat wistful at the time, torn between what she had only ever dared to dream of and the harshness of what experience had taught her.

Well, it wouldn't do any good to stand here like a silly goose. She cleared her throat and said. "I'm sorry, sir. I shouldn't have done that. It was inappropriate."Not that she actually regretted kissing him. Oh, she'd be reliving that moment for years at least. But such a public display like that. If somebody had snapped a picture or video and he got in trouble because of her, she didn't know how she would cope.

"It quite alright My lady" The Warden "One deserves some forgiveness for being caught up in the moment". A moment that all it was, Jacqueline felt a sinking feeling in her stomach, her childish hope for her and the warden were dashed. But at least he handle it like a Gentleman....He's a Gentlemen I'm a Lady. "Come now it getting late" The Warden takes her by the hand and walks her out of the restaurant. Jacqueline set quietly in the limo dreading the moment she has to remove the glass slippers and become prisoner 102 again. But from that dread came a new sense of resolve, for she knew that before she can truly be Jacqueline she must serve a penance for Jak's sins.
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Re: Special Counseling

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Chapter 8

Jacqueline awoke from a peaceful nights sleep of dreaming about frolicking in the garden with her darling. As always she took an extra few moments to straighten her drab prison ware (A Lady always wants to look her Best). It had been 3 month since she began special counseling and her progress, as been nothing short of miraculous. She has excelled in all her classical study and has obtained knowledge of Etiquette that would rival a royal princess. Her French is good enough now that she can now has a basic understanding of the menu during her weekly dinner with her darli…the warden. Jacqueline was giving herself once over in the mirror a when a guard enter her cell. “Jacqueline come with me” Said the Guard

“Jacqueline, please sit.” The Assistant Warden motioned to the chair in front of his desk, on which she sat primly, demurely, folding her legs at an extreme angle so she could sit as tall as possible. “Now Jacqueline I must say that when the warden choose you for special counseling I had my doubt, but I was wrong. Your rehabilitation has been nothing short of remarkable” said the Assistant Warden ” Thank You Sir, I have tried my best” Jacqueline replied “Well young lady your hard has paid off, It is with great pleasure that I am here to inform you that you have complete Special Counseling and you are here by release from this facility” said Warden “Release” Jacqueline replied while doing her best to contain the wave of emotion that were rising up in her. “w..when?” “Well right now of course” said The Assistant Warden “Right Now?...Um..Sir if you don’t me asking were is The Warden?” said Jacqueline “Well he had to attend to some personal matters today, but he wanted me to tell you how proud he is of you” The Assistant Warden “Now if you follow the guard he will take to get your things”

“Get my thing” Jacqueline thinks to herself as she walks down the hall. She remember the outfit she wore when she arrive here, a wore out leather jacket with metal studs, a ripped up misfits t shirt, Jeans with holes in the knees. She recoil in horror at the thought of wearing those ghastly rags again, but that paled in comparison to profound sadness she felt toward the idea that she may never see her darlin….The Warden again. Jacqueline was so consumed in her self-pity it took her awhile to realize that she wasn’t walking to the processing room she was walking to the spa. As she enters the room the nurse was closing the last of several suitcase. “Oh My Darling” the Nurse said as she ran over and embraced Jacqueline “I’m so happy for you” “I couldn’t of done it with you madam” Jacqueline replied while in mid embrace. The Nurse let go her “ Well let’s get you dressed” The Nurse said as she direct Jacqueline attention to an outfit in the closet.

She got a look at her reflection in the varnish on the door. A pink Chanel suit with matching high heels, her skirt just below her knees properly fit above her hips and her collarless jacket was tight enough to modestly accentuate the extremely feminine curves she had, Her favorite pearls hung large around her neck and in her earlobes. Her Brown hair was done up in a beautiful bouffant that curled slightly away from her face and neck around its edges topped off with a pillbox hat place on the top of her head. She was a bit hesitant to open the door because beyond that door lied the real word a far crueler place then fantasy world she was living in. “It’s time dear” The Nurse said as she gently nudge her out the door. As soon she stepped outside Jacqueline saw a limousine with a chaffer loading some suitcases in the trunk. “Of course he won’t be able to take all your luggage today” Said the nurse “but it will be enough to get you by” “Get me by?” Jacqueline responds “Madam I must confess I am at a bit of a lose, were is this limousine taking me” The Nurse smile at Jacqueline as she response “To home of course”

Home. She didn't have a home yet. She'd thought that, after being released, the next step would be a halfway house since she had no relatives with whom she could live. Then once she got a job and saved enough she could get a small apartment somewhere of course she'd also expected to have more advance notice of her release date which would give her more time to make firmer plans, she thought as she removed her sunglasses from her bag and put them on against the glare of the sun.The chauffeur had finished loading her luggage and was now holding the passenger door open. Jacqueline turned to face the Nurse again. "Will, will I ever see you again?"

The Nurse just smiled and urged her toward the car. Jacqueline took a seat in the back and fastened her belt. The chauffeur got behind the wheel and headed for the gate. She turned slightly to look behind her.Not all that long ago the person she'd been would have been glad to leave this place without ever looking back. And yet in the last few months it had seemed less like a composite of nightmares and more, well, like a rehabilitation center inasmuch as she had become a new person, one who could contribute to her community instead of being a drain on it. She had come here very much the Ugly Duckling and now she was a Lovely Swan. And none of that would have happened without him. She'd thought he'd be here to say good-bye. She had so much to thank him for, so much she wanted to say.Well, first things first, she told herself. Once you get yourself established in your new life, then you can find him to tell him everything.

She spent the rest of the drive formulating a plan in her head. "first I will need a job, Perhaps at a country club" She thinks to herself "then I could take some classes at the community college and try and be an executive assistant.. I certainly have the wardrobe for it" Jacqueline let out a little giggle at the thought. She looks up for a moment and notice the neighborhood they were driving in and it was certain not what she expected. Mansion after mansion they passed until the driver pulled into a long lane. As the gates to the estate open she began to get a look at the house ahead. One story, white with a covered walkway around the outside and column like from an old Greek temple or fancy museum. "It couldn't be?" she thinks to herself "Driving" she ask "where are we?" The driver respond "Your Home"

Maybe this was a halfway house, she thought. Some philanthropist had donated this place to a foundation or something and she started looking around for a sign or plaque. By the time the car came to a stop she couldn't find one. The driver opened her door and helped her out. She thanked him and headed slowly toward the front door. Am I, am I dreaming? she wondered. Am I hallucinating? She had shed much of her cynicism and pessimism in the last few months but even now she felt a slight tremor of apprehension that all of this could somehow disappear and she'd wake up back in her cell. If this is a dream, she told herself, then I don't want to wake up. The door opened just as the clouds shifted around the sun throwing the face of the other person into shadow. She couldn't make out any features but she heard a familiar voice say, "Welcome home, my lady."

Jacqueline Heart skipped a beat "I know that voice" she thinks to herself. Warden? she said timidly "Oh course My Lady" said the Warden as he emerge from the shadow and kiss her hands. "Sir...I'm...I'm confus....." her words are cut off by the touch of the warden lips as he kisses her. As Jacqueline fell deeper her into his embrace she felt a graceful bliss wash away all her doubts and fear about ever truly being a lady. That apprehension that one last linger piece of Jak disappeared...She was a Lady....She was His Lady. "Oh Darling" She said still embraced in his arm "You don't know how happy you have made me" "it is nothing compared to how happy you have made me my lady" The Warden replied "I knew the first time I layed eyes on you that you were the one. I saw the Lady within and I wanted her" "Well you have her Darling" Jacqueline replied

The End

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Re: Special Counseling

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