Preppy Transformation

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Preppy Transformation

Post by 1984 on Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:22 pm

This is a story that I wrote and posted on the other forum and thought I'd share it here. Let me know if you enjoy it, maybe post some suggestions on what should happen next.

Paige was a normal teenager, she didn't really respect her mother. Paige's mother hated the way her daughter acted, so she came up with a plan. She had found an old parenting magazine that looked to be from the 60s maybe older. Inside was an article on how to have perfectly behaved children, it was really quite simple; a quick batch of cookies with a little something extra to make her sleepy and suggestible, and then sculpt her into the perfect daughter with some hypnosis.

Paige was sitting on her bed wearing a band t shirt and some torn up jeans. She looked up from her computer as her mother entered carrying a tray of cookies. Paige's annoyance subsided a little after eating a cookie as she did have a bit of a sweet tooth. Her mother noticed as Paige chewed the cookie her eyes looked sleepy and she was not paying attention to her computer any more.
"Here have another cookie, and please do remember to call me mother."
"Thank you mother!" Paige said grabbing another cookie.
Paige thought it was weird she had called her mother, but then again she was her mother so it made sense. Paige reasoned as she finished another cookie.

Paige reached for another cookie but mother held them back, "You can have another cookie, if you promise to always listen to me and behave."
"Of course I will mother!" Paige exclaimed mouth drooling in anticipation as mother handed her another cookie.

"Here why don't we get you out of these ratty clothes and get you cleaned up." Mother said as she took Paige's hand and pulled her into the bathroom.
Paige looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't help but notice that her clothes looked just wrong for some reason even though this was previously her favorite shirt. She pulled off her clothes feeling much better as she turned on the shower.
"You should masturbate before your shower it'll relax you, there are some magazines near the sink if you need" mother called through the door. Paige tried to ignore what her mother said, but she started to get extremely horny and her hand reached down and began playing with her clit, she laid down on the floor and started really going at it, but she couldn't reach climax without some help. She reached for the magazines and skimmed through them, no of them were porn not even erotic stories, they were just a bunch of preppy lifestyle and fashion magazine. She grabbed one and began flicking through the pages as she flicked herself. She really started to enjoy seeing all these preppy guys, and their wives living happy lives. She imagined she was the wife of a man playing tennis on one of the pages wearing a polo with the collar popped. She could feel herself reaching climax as she imagined the tennis player taking her from behind, her hand moved faster as did the man in her imagination. She climaxed as he finished in her mind. She laid on the floor for a few minutes before jumping in the shower and washing off.

She finished her shower and dried off, feeling happy and relaxed. She went back to her room and went to her closet to grab some clothes. As she got close to the closet her mother said from the hall "I got you all new clothes that are much better than you're old ones"

The clothes in the closet looked like they belonged to some 80s preppy trust fund kid. Paige wasn't too happy about it but then remember what Mother said. The closet was filled with bright colored polos and oxfords and dresses. Paige usually wore torn up jeans and band T-shirts, so this was way different from her preferred style. She looked around for a t-shirt, but had to settle for the next most casual thing, a pink polo. She slipped it over her head. To her surprise it didn't burn her skin or anything, it actually felt pretty comfortable. She looked around for some shorts but there were only skirts so she settled for a white pleated skirt which she quickly pulled up. She looked at herself in the mirror and was shocked, she looked like some preppy rich girl off to play tennis at the country club.

As she was looking in the mirror mother opened the door and walked in. "Oh Paige you look so beautiful, doesn't it feel good to have some pride in your appearance?"
Paige just nodded, still staring at herself in the mirror checking out her new look.
"Here let me give you some help making this outfit perfect." mother walked behind her with a white tennis sweater that she pulled over Paige's head, she popped the collar of the polo and placed a pearl necklace around her neck. Paige's eyes lit up when she saw herself and a big smile came across her face, she said "You were right Mother it feels great to dress appropriately, I feel great!"
"Of course you silly girl, being preppy is the only way to live. How else will you land a good husband?" Mother said.
"Yeah... wait what'd you say about boys?" Paige said breaking her stare.
"Lets go out to the town, we have a meeting at the country club." Mother said, taking Paige's hand and leading her toward her car.

While they were driving mother talked non stop, Paige was feeling good and playing with her collar while daydreaming. She imagined herself in a gorgeous sundress, at a fancy party. She imagined a very preppy guy wearing a bow tie taking her away and...

The car stopped and Paige looked around.
The club was a large white building with large columns out front, and a lush green golf course stretching out the back. Mother opened her door and got out, Paige quickly hopped out still observing the club. Paige realized she was fairly horny as she hurried to catch up with mother. "Now the boys here are just what you need, so be on your best behavior." mother said, "What do you mean they're just what I need?"Paige asked "Well you want a good husband right? So he can make plenty of money and you can stay home wear pretty clothes, clean and hopefully have lots of babies to take care of..." Paige was barely paying attention as they entered a large room filled with people her age, she looked around everyone was so preppy, polos and dresses, seersucker and bowties everywhere she looked. She would have hated these people only a few days ago, but now she couldn't stop a big smile from creeping up her face as she walked towards the crowd......


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